9 June 2009


Miles Aldridge

I know, I know ... I'm not supposed to be here!
I'm breaking my self imposed ban on Internet related activities
because I couldn't wait to share my new discovery ... although Miles Aldridge
has been around for a good few years and has shot editorials for
Italian Vogue, The New York Times Magazine and it seems everybody else,
I must confess I didn't know about him, but now that I do
I'm in love!
In love with his colours, in love with his glossiness, his naughtiness, his
humour, his darkness.

Miles Aldridge

I had so much trouble editing the pictures to post,
in the end I decided to post just one editorial, but you can be sure
to see more of his images popping up here and over at Looking At Clouds
from time to time, I love his work that much!

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge
Bigfoot Lives - New York Times Magazine - 2006


  1. hi sonia what time would you like to meet at maybe 2. i'm off tomorrow so i won't meet you at the shop once i go in i don't get out.2 somewhere in south william street or around there. i'd love to meet up d

  2. •Dee: I answered this comment on your blog!

  3. oh sonia you poor thing, i also suffer from migraines. the ones with aura i get a sensation in my eyes & i can't see properly also my speech is affected. ihope youa re alright tomorrow d

  4. I love this too. I love those teeny little people in the first pic, especially.

  5. •Dee: I'm much better thank you ... I figured out the culprit, red wine ... I only had a glass! Got your number, will text you next time I'm in town!

    •Sister Wolf: Do check out the website, he's amazing!

  6. That's what I call statement shoes! They are gorgeous.. I wish i had the black or the gold... :)


    My blog: http://the-rr-blog.blogspot.com/

  7. Ohhhh, nice blog!! I love it and the shoes, lol. Come by and check out my blog and maybe you can follow mine too :)


  8. These are *amazing*! & perfectly capture how I feel about shoes.

  9. Fabulous...never actually seen any of his work before...
    Great...now get off that computer!!!
    Heehee...it's hard isn't it!

  10. Amazing color and I swear that I want to do this as a giant all the time. I love your blog! Come stop by when you have a chance sweetie...