5 May 2009

You Love Me, You Really Love Me!

My Prize!

I'm happy to confirm that nepotism is alive and well
around these parts! My very talented cousin just bestowed on
my blog this lovely prize ... I'm chuffed to say the least.

Grazie, grazie, grazie carissima Paola!

I believe it is customary to pass the prize on
so, without further ado, here are my picks:
Pikaland: The Illustrated Life
(Into) The Fray
Oh Joy!

Thank you for your constant inspiration!


  1. ohhhh yes ... I really love you, my dear!!!!!!!!!!!

    un bacio, paola

  2. congratulations, if i had an award i'd give it to you too. did you go to the vintage fair in d4 hotels at the weekend? it was very good. i got 2 lovely hat. there was a small but good amount of clothes at it d

  3. Paola: I love you too my darling, thank you again!

    Dee: Thank you, you're so nice! I didn't go to the Vintage Fair, 'cause I was lazy ... I'm a very bad girl!!!

  4. I'm sorry my thank you is so belated! The new house has really consumed all of my time but I still should have caught this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!