30 May 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

I'm not going to apologize any more about the lateness of this wanna be
regular post, blame it on the sun ... I had to take advantage of the
good weather, you never know how long it is going to last ... these last tree
days of sunshine might be all we are getting in Ireland!

This week I came across Stirato , a poster-mag dedicated
to visual arts and distributed free around Rome,
all issues are available to download, I only browsed
two issues so far ... with 16 other to go there's lots of
talent to be discovered and enjoyed.


One of the artist featured who stole my heart is Milan based
Swedish illustrator Daniel Egneus

Daniel Egnus

It's not difficult to figure out why I love his work , all
my favourite elements are there ... the sketchiness, messiness
and craftsmanship I like so much!

Daniel Egnus

I have stumbled upon the mother load! Paper Fiend
is a fantastic blog for paper lovers.
If, like me, you are paper obsessed you won't be disappointed!
There I found this link to paper paradise: Mein Inspiration.

More abandoned buildings ... The Kingston Lounge documents
abandoned buildings in Brooklyn and beyond, again
great photography, but also great sadness at seeing all these
amazing spaces unoccupied.

Kingston Lounge
Connector hallway between ward pavilions, Buffalo State Hospital, 2008.

Thank you to Love Forever for this link.

I have started a Tumblr blog called Looking At Clouds,
for the images overspill from this blog ... I hope it won't be as short
lived as my last Looking At Clouds adventure!

Honorary Mentions :
How About Orange free stitched fonts.
Fashion Filosofy summer frock photo shoot, great styling!
Sea Lorraine posted about the NY Times polaroid
interactive gallery, another fantastic place to get lost!


Happy Sunday!


  1. hi s, your blog has become a must in my weekly read. thank you so much for the kinston lounge link its the best blog i've seen[apart from yours] d

  2. Thanks for introducing me to The Kingston Lounge, Sonia. Richard's images of decay and dilapidation are hauntingly beautiful.


  3. great stuff there.. love the abandoned buildings link - it's fascinating looking at empty places that were once a buzz.... and it's also such a shame that so much space goes unused when so many are homeless.

  4. Dee: Oh wow, thank you! I'm chuffed about that!

    Highton-Ridley: Beautiful images allright ... but a touch sad, don't you think? All those amazing buildings ...

    Kate: I agree!