8 May 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

Mandy Smith

I really like this cardboard and foam house made by Mandy Smith,
posted by BOOOOOOOM.

Masako Ando

Beautiful Illustration by Masako Ando
found on Illustrativo.

Masako Ando

Heather Smith Jones

Indulging my obsession with paper art, pinhole drawings
by Heather Smith Jones
via SeeSaw Design.

Green Shoes
Green Shoes

Another amazing flick'r photostream!
Let's Explode found via Funambula.

Slinky Type
Slinkytype via fffound!

Happy Week-End Everyone!


  1. I love Heather Smith's Pinhole drawings. What a unique idea. Imagine the time each one must take? Also Green shoe photo is very pretty. Great post!

  2. s, the house is amazing, i also love the illustration pictures thank you d

  3. Green shoes are always a good thing.

  4. Gabbi: Yes, I reckon Heather Smith is a very patience person!

    Dee: Isn't it fantastic?

    Sister Wolf: Always, and so are purple ones of course!