1 April 2009

It's Official!

L'Officiel De La Mode

My eyes are about to fall out! Again I got lost in internet land,
this time I took a trip into the past after clicking on the extensive archives at the
Jalou Gallery website, there you can find past numbers of L'Officiel
De La Mode starting from the 1920's till the present time.

L'Officiel De La Mode

Not only that, there's also archives for Jalouse,
L'Officiel Homme and other magazines,
as well as international editions
of L'Officiel De La Mode,
all available free of charge for you to peruse.

L'Officiel De La Mode

This is a fantastic resource and one, I'm sure, I will be dipping
in over and over again.

I only wish Vogue would do the same with their
archives, as far as I know only the magazine covers are on line,
I would be more than happy to stand corrected on this one by the way!


  1. Ooo, thanks for sharing. I'm going to browse & bookmark now.

  2. Prepare to get lost, I only managed to check out some of the 60's editions so far and I was browsing for hours!