20 March 2009

A Paper Trail

It all started with this video I came across while searching Youtube for nothing in particular (as you do!) ...

This sent me on a wander, searching for pop-up books and I came across some other great finds, I was clicking away for hours and could have clicked some more if "real life", stupid things like eating and sleeping, didn't get in the way!
To keep a long story short here's a link to some pop-up books history at Ping Mag.
While searching I ended up on flick'r and
discovered Paperform, I truly recommend a visit to their site
to have a look at their amazing pop-up work.

Still on flick'r I stumbled on Crankbunny's beautiful and humorous pop-up cards, she has a shop on Etsy and a blog, where you can keep up with all her paper puppet news.

I never imagined that a cardboard cut-out could bring tears
to my eyes, I'm not ashamed to admit that In Limbo
creations did just that ... they are so touching!

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