13 February 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

Another week-end is here, not that it makes any difference
to me, since I don't have a job to go to everyday is like
Friday (or Sunday, or Monday, or whatever).
I missed this segment last week, that's because it was a messy,
running around, filling forms kind of week [it's very busy
work being unemployed!] and I was glad
to see the back of it!

This Friday Round Up:

Another Shade Of Grey posted about textile
artist Jo Deeley, beautiful stuff!

I'm madly in love with Akira Isogawa
collection: the colours, the shapes ... just perfection!
Brigadeiro posted more pictures on her blog,
run along over there and swoon!

A big big thank you to Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things
for this link to illustrator's Samantha Hahan
website, right up my street!

Oh, almost forgot! After being scolded by my niece
Barbara, who accused me of being Jurassic, the cheek,
I signed up to Facebook, you can see the link in the
sidebar, come visit, befriend me ... show me you care!

Happy Week-End!

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  1. I love one of kind fashion and details on clothes. Your blog is very cute!