23 January 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

Friday is here and you know what that means?
Yes, another recap of my starred posts from
the past week:

Love, love, love this tutorial from
Outsapop Trashion ... so many possibilities!

I will hunt all the charity shops next week
for the perfect jumper and attempt my own ...
fingers crossed!

Mmmmh, how cosy does this cowl looks? Perfect
to keep me wrapped up and warm for my daily walk in the park.
Thank you to Miss Milky for pointing out this gem!

"Milano e' sempre Milano"
(Milan is always Milan)
Gorgeously stylish lady captured by the Sartorialist
lens in the Italian capital of fashion.

Words of wisdom from Jim Jarmusch,
via to AceJet170

Happy week-end everyone!

1 comment:

  1. That outsapop's jumper will look amazing! Maybe I should try it too.