30 January 2009

Spotlight Starlight!

It's Friday already, really late on Friday too!
This week has really run off on me,
I got busy tidying up my work room and have finally shaken off the inertia that seemed to have gripped me during January. I have a new found sense of purpose and I hope I will be able to keep up the momentum because it feels good! This is my 100th post, and it took me only three years! I take this opportunity, this round number, to celebrate new beginnings, my only resolution for this year is to make 2009 productive.

How fitting is this post from Galadarling, the Icing Transformation Challenge starts on Sunday, if you have a resolution you would like to keep this year, and feel the need for some encouragement, I suggest you sign up.

Love this picture! Elikan's blog is a visual delight!

I am fashion would gladly wear this outfit,
and so would I.
For more click on the picture
Fence re-thought:

From: FFFFound

Amazing! I can't stop looking at this picture, the painted
floor is so beautiful.
Read the all story at My Marrakesh.

Happy Week-End!


  1. I've been thinking about that fence a lot over the last few days, I can't get it out of my mind for some reason. Why can't more mundane stuff be that pretty?

  2. that yellow dress is sweet. I am actually big into yellow at the moment, so scouring everything yellow. maybe i miss sunshine

  3. *The Sexy Pedestrian: I love that fence, I think we should rethink our surroundings and make our cities beautiful, colourful pleasing places to live in!

    *Fashionfilosofy: I know what you mean, I miss sunshine too! I love yellow [especially that shade, just perfect!]but I'm not sure it suits me!