4 August 2008

Techno Techno Techno [Threads] - Part 1

First of all let me apologize for my absence from this blog all last week, I know I'm not a prolific blogger at the best of times but disappearing after promising a post is bad form! Anywho ... lets get to the Technothreads post ... the exhibition is closed now but I think it was interesting enough to post about it now and you can go click click to find out about all the amazing technologies applied to textiles and fashion.
As I said before this was my second visit to the exhibition, the first time I didn't have my camera and the experience was marred by the presence of small children on a sugar high running around like lunatics, cute as they were. Oh well ... this time around no kids to be seen, apart for my boyfriend and I, that is,
so we had a chance to enjoy the all thing.


The exibition was divided into three sections:


concentrating on the use of science and technology by fahion designers and artists. Ranging from clothes that can be sprayed directly onto the body, to the use of electroluminescent wires causing garments to glow and semi-living clothes that use the latest advances in biotecnology.
All this works are at the experimental stages but they point to the future in clothing.

Hussein Chalayan amazing morphing clothes,
from his 2007 spring/summer collection.
I was excited to see these up close!

Critz Campell
is a Chicago based designer, this dress uses
electroluminescent cable as embroidery, the dress is handmade and the decoration
machine made, an example of how techonolgy is subverting
the rules of design.

Manel Torres of Fabrican investigates new ways to speed up
the process of constructing garments.
Literally fabric in a can, it fits the body like a second skin,
the technology is at its first steps therefore the fabric is
unstable, but in the future it will be possible to apply this
technology in the fashion, medical and hygene industries.

Donna Franklin and Gary Cass wine dress, cultivated from a fermentation of
red wine solution to create a seamless, byosynthetic garment.
The end material is cotton like and fits snugly to the body, almost like a second
The same process as been applied to the Guinnes dress ...
althought interesting I found these a bit gross, the smell of the
Guinness dress was revolting!

Freedom Of Creation designs on a 3D CAD file
then uses a digital manufacturing process such as Laser Sintering Machine
to "print" layer upon layer.
I have seen the use of rapid manufacturing technology before, applied
to objects ... I was blown away by its use for garments and
accessories ... this amazing dress and the cute bag
are similar to chainmail but very light weight.

Also included in this section [sorry, no pics!] where :

Cute Circuit
hugh shirt which is embedded with sensors that sense and
respond to touch, the warmth of the skin and the heartbeat rate of the
sender. The sensors are linked to actuators that respond
to stimuli and recreate the sensation of touch, warmth and emotion
of the hugh to the shirt of the distant loved one.

Alyce Santoro
Sonic Fabric project, she used 50% recycled audio cassete tape and
50% cotton weaving them to form fabric ... the amazing thing
about this dress is that if you run a tape head over the
fabric it creates a sound!

Suzi Webster
A Canadian multimedia artist and creator of
Electric Skin

Oron Catts
Victimless Leather

For more information on this exhibition please visit the Science Gallery website.

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