16 June 2008

Let's Pack Up And Drive!

I'm not one to go all soft about cars, I don't drive and I'm not
interested in learning ... I simply don't need a car!
I do have a dream of one day travelling from Ireland to Italy using
only secondary roads and this lovely little van would
be the ideal vehicle to do it in!

I'm smitten! Look how cute it is!
I just checked and no, I don't have
$ 69.000 dollars to buy one,
but I can make my own with
paper and glue!

Reserve or download your very own
at Verdier


  1. Oh my gosh, that's too neat. I'm equally uninterested in driving--I know how but I hate doing it and try to get in cars as little as possible. But this makes me think of gypsies and road trips and it just looks like *fun*

  2. I love this little van ... makes me want to pack up and drive with no real destination in mind! Ah ... one of these days!