13 September 2007

James Welling

My boyfriend was the one that discovered James Welling
during his meandering
throughout the world wide web and I fast fell in love with his work:

An amazing exploration of colour, strikingly beautiful.

Note: I think these pictures should probably be posted without a frame
around them but I don't know how to get rid of it from this post without getting
rid of it all together, I suggest you click on the link to
appreciate the pictures the way they were intended to
be viewed.
Note on the note: I found out how to fiddle with the style of my posts, thanks to
the neverending patience of my boyfriend, so now you can
see the pictures as they were intended to be seen! Yey!


  1. Gorgeous find! I love it--like a graphic watercolor.

  2. Wow! They're stunning - so pretty.

  3. really cool pics, looks like the sun is shining thru esp in the 2nd one!