10 December 2006

What A Shower Of Craftsters!

For some mad reason I can't help but going back and tweaking my old posts, I just added a new picture to the Stina Persson
entry! I suppose is the same thing I do with my sketch pads, constantly tracking back to old pages to add swatches, sequins, feathers, colours ... I don't like blank spaces, I don't do sparse ... Yes, Sonia, and what about your blog? All white and pristine ... neat and tidy? Well, just give me time ... you will ask me to stop ... bribe me even! Anyway! I wanted to post about the National Craft Fair that took place last week-end in the RDS, Dublin; my boyfriend snatched a ticket for me and I went along yesterday ... there was so much to see! More than 450 stalls, but, sorry to say, I wasn't that impressed ... after a while it all seemed a bit samey, samey ... or maybe I was just going around in circles and seeing only the same 10 stalls all day without realising it, who knows ... I was expecting more fun, more colours, more ... I don't know, most of it was bad paintings and oversized jumpers, not my cup of tea! But all was not lost, I did see some amazing jewellery, photographs and wood crafts ... over the next few posts I will showcase some of my favourites.
Fiona Thornton designs and makes sterling silver jewellery combined with colour resin and 18 carat yellow gold, she gets her inspiration from Modernism, Minimalism and architecture.

I love the simplicity of the Wrapped Pendant and purple is one of my favourite colours, close up the textures aren't smooth, the resin [I guess thats what it is ... excuse my ignorance!] has craters and bubbles, like a lunar landscape, adding texture and interest.

How cute is this Space II Cutlery Set? Minimal, no fuss, brings to mind a child drawing of knives and forks.

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